I'm a trauma therapist and trainer with clinics in London, near Marylebone, and in Tunbridge Wells in Kent and I work internationally via Skype.

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From trauma to transformation
Death, divorce, accidents, illness, physical assault, sexual assault, terrorist attacks - traumatic moments in our everyday lives. These are the moments that define us, testing us to the limit of our ability to cope and carry on.
Sometimes we get stuck in that defining moment, that traumatic wound, with all the pain, ugliness and not-knowingness of who we were before it happened and what might become of us now.
Trauma is a shattering. Like an elegant mirror once reflecting back all we thought we were, our identity, out lives, lying broken and scattered into a thousand tiny pieces on the floor.
But trauma can also be a pathway to profound personal transformation.  
Please take a look around my website and get in touch to discuss how individual sessions, upcoming retreats or group work could help you take the first step towards transformational healing.

                                                                                                                                                                                                Lindsay Percival

Trauma is old energy trapped in the body, gently releasing it with bodywork and talking therapy can transform negative thought patterns and behaviour.
Retreats are a wonderful way of feeling held and supported by a group through deeper moments of transformation and healing.